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Weekends are the best time for me. I am able to soothe all of the stress of the work week and zero in on my writing. I have finally made the personal decision to stop worrying about the novel that I have on submission, "Defeating Her Demons" and focus on my work in progress "Dancin' in the Garden of Eden."

I am excited about both manuscripts. I am very excited about "Dancin' in the Garden of Eden" because it is going to be very different. It may even be a little controversial, but hey...controversy is fun. Stay tuned for more details about the plot and characters. They are sure to be attention getters!
So I've spent the last few weeks in full brainstorm mode. Writing is very difficult when you have Acquisitions Editors reading you first novel--your baby--in hopes of that they will purchase it.  I am struggling to bite the bullet and get started. Anxiety and impatience is something that will come with the territory as an author and I need to acclimate myself to it.

Soo…I’ve got a lot of the researching out of the way. I’ve written the outline--writing from the hip has never been my workflow.  A lot of successful authors see no other way. I like to have a clear idea of where my work is heading. I am in full throttle. My characters are beginning to speak to me and that is a good thing. You know you’ve gotten your ideas together when you can hear your characters’ voices (no I am not losing it). Nothing is better than riding on the interstate and scenes are coming to you faster than you can pull over and write ideas.

I think I am ready. I am ready to conquer this second book even before the first one is sold. I’ve got to get my mojo going. But slowly but surely, it is happening.

I have a general idea of where I want to go with my second book, but I have a bad case of writer's block. I am hoping that once I complete the revisions on my first one, that I can have a renewed mind.

Marissa Quinae Boglin