Writer represented by Sharon Belcastro with The Belcastro Agency
So now the tough part (getting a literary agent to represent
my work) is over, right? Boy was I wrong! Now I am in the proccess of shining my baby up to prepare for submissions. Of course, this is not as easy as it sounds. Revisions are fun, but also challenging.

I am glad that I have taken some time away from my manuscript so that I have fresh eyes and a better prespective.

I am blessed to have a great literary agent that has noticed things that I didn't notice and has given me suggestions to make my protagonist as strong as ever.

This week, I am knee deep into revisions with my novel. The working title is "Defeating Her Demons" and is about a young Southern girl that is raised by her grandmother, who suffers with schizophrenia.

I am thoroughly excited about my novel and am esctatic to see
with what publisher it finds a home.


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Marissa Quinae Boglin